Where The Boys Are is a short documentary analyzing the exclusion of women in music. As of 2020, women make up only 21.7% of all artists, 13.9% of music executives, 12.5% of songwriters, and 2.6% of producers. The documentary seeks to answer the questions of how and why women have been systematically excluded from the music industry.

The rationale behind this project comes from my own experiences in music. When I started getting involved in music, I found myself listening to predominantly male artists and I didn’t even realize it. As I grew up this became more and more apparent to me, and I found myself struggling to find female artists to listen to. Additionally, despite women slowly being allowed into particular roles in the industry, they remain excluded from the more technical and ‘prestigious’ roles. I want to make this documentary to show women that they can do these things, and that the only reason they think they can’t, is because they’ve been told they so for centuries.

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Created by Cristina Nikolic